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Top Ambassadors

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Ruslan Sharov — CEO, Founder

Ruslan Sharov

How does it work?

You invite friends and get bonuses for their purchases on  2 levels!

You invite
new users

Level 1

New users also
invite users

Level 2

Users make purchases

You get revenue

Hurry up!

The offer is limited

Get money!

from $10 000/month, spending 30 minutes a day

Rewards for a buyer

Rewards for  the 1st level
Rewards for  the 2nd level
Common $3.09
Elementary $6.18
Smart $10.3
Lite $30.9
Simple $51.5
Rare $103
Unique $206
Epic $463.5(*available only to ambassadors)
Legendary $1030(*available only to ambassadors)

Become an Ambassador

1. Apply

and we will contact you

2. Bring friends to Cheelee

and get money for the every purchase of a referred friend and their friends